Infant with chest Infection

Ariya, year and a half landed up in hospital with a really bad chest infection. They loaded her with medication and a asthma pump. Since using the Elixinol CBD Oil, we have stopped using all other medication and hardly ever need the pump. It’s been 3 months and have definitely seen the difference. Thank you to Whoomph_Apothecary & ELIXINOL SA so much for such a great product ~ Tegan Forbes


Muscle Repair

I’m a lover of surfing and extremesports. I recently had a muscle tear. Struggled for weeks. Until I found out that Medicinal CBD helps with pain and inflammation. I’ve been on it for the past 2 weeks and these been a major change and my muscles are feeling much better and no pain by using Elixinol Hemp Balm . Just want to say thank you to www.Whoomph.co.za which stocks premium brand of Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm. It will change your life.! ♥️ Surfs Up!!Marias Bardenhorst


Skin Breakouts 

I suffer from break outs on my chin and with two applications of the Elixinol face mask, the breakouts healed exponentially faster. The mask has also effectively settled the redness in my skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. It’s a fantastic product, I can’t recommend it highly enough. ~Sam



I have suffered for awhile with arthritis and came along this product called Elixinol which i bought through Whoomph, there Turmeric Capsules eased the arthritis in my hands.I no longer wake up with stiff and sore hands – LTD ~ Lucia Davidoss

I have arthritis in my spine and was in pain since July. I took a chance and bought your Elixinol Hemp Balm. Have been using it everyday and have no more pain. I have been telling everyone about this product and will continue to use it! ~ Jacinta Avontuur


I have lived with eczma all my life and used all sorts of creams and potions to try and get it under control.I starting using Elixinol hemp balm 2 years ago which i purchased at Whoomph at Bayhabour Market and my prayers have been answered. I can’t live without my balm and never leave home without it. Thank you so much. ~ Natalie Cupido🙏🏼   I came across your products at the Whoomph Stand at  Root44 on Saturday, 14 September (when there was no covid).


Facial Lesions

I bought your Elixinol 300 oil on 27th at Oranjezicht Farm market, today is day 9 of using the application on my facial lesions. Already a noticeable improvement.
So happy i found out about these guys, i don’t use anything else.thx, Allen.


Beauty Result 

I’m in my late 40″s My skin shines, blemish are disappearing and my crow feet have started to faid. I’m  happy and in love with this product. I’ve gone back to buy the ElixinolSkin  Rejuvenating Serum. I have recommend this to everyone!! ~Nicky

Final found  product call Elixinol Cleansing Balm that suits my skin, i bought at EGG.OMG… i have gotten so many complements about my skin, Nikki